Areas of Practice


My office is a debt relief agency. I help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

This law office has helped numerous clients get a fresh financial start through Chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcies. Most consumer debtors have a choice between a liquidation proceeding under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code or a debt adjustment proceeding under Chapter 13 (house saver).

The underlying policy of bankruptcy law is that the honest debtor who is in debt beyond his or her ability to repay the debt should be given a fresh start through the discharge of debts in a bankruptcy proceeding. Debt collection efforts, foreclosures and garnishments can be halted immediately. It is also possible to protect your home, vehicle and most property against creditors through a bankruptcy proceeding. I provide free initial consultation for bankruptcies.

Real Estate, Construction and Land Use

I represent many clients throughout Washington State in real estate issues including purchase and sales, leases, easements, covenants, boundary line disputes, adverse possession, construction contracts and liens, landlord-tenant law, platting and subdivisions, zoning and permitting, roadway issues and IRC 1031 transactions.

Personal Injury

I have over twenty years experience in the field of personal injury including motor vehicle accidents, product liability, federal tort claims, medical malpractice, slip and fall accidents and insurance claims. We can assist you in obtaining fair compensation for your injuries. We provide free consultations on personal injury cases. No recovery, no fee.

Business Law & Civil Litigation 

Since 1992, I have been providing business and civil litigation services to clients, including, business start-up, incorporation, formation of limited liability companies and partnerships, non-profit corporations, contracts, the sale of existing businesses, licenses, collections and the enforcement of your business rights.

Probate and Estate Planning 

A basic family estate plan consists of simple wills for both husband and wife, a community property agreement, durable powers of attorney and health care directives. A will allows us to designate distribution of family property upon death of one or both spouses. The community property agreement is a agreement between husband and wife that designates all property owned by either as community property.

The durable power of attorney allows us to designate a person to make medical, financial and legal decisions if we become incapable of handling our own affairs. Health care directives, also known as “living wills”, are directions to your physician on whether you want extraordinary life-sustaining techniques in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury.

This office can also help you plan strategies to avoid estate taxation.

I provide free initial consultations for estate plans.


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